Instagram polls, which have been very popular lately, are used by many users for both entertainment and information purposes. Many of us are wondering what the survey feature is and how to use it. In
What is Instagram Poll Feature?
Instagram is a feature that allows users to ask everyone what they are curious about and want to learn with the help of a single story. Thanks to this feature, everything you want to ask and ask will be solved in a short time.
E.g., You are going to buy clothes, and you are undecided about which one to buy. By sharing this topic on social media, you can get help from your followers and choose from among your clothes. Apart from that, let's say you shared your thoughts on a subject, and you are curious about the opinions of your followers. Likewise, you can find out what your followers think.
How to Use Instagram Poll Feature?
Let's briefly explain the Instagram poll feature in 5 steps.
1. log in to Instagram and open the story section.
2. Let's choose a photo from the story area gallery or take a photo.
3. In this step, let's write the question we want to ask.
4. After preparing the survey question, let's write the question we want to ask by deleting the yes/no options.
5. Then, all you have to do is share the story.
After completing the above steps, you can share the survey you want with your followers via your Instagram account. After completing all these steps, what we need to do is, if you wish, you can publish your survey by adding music, stickers, and emojis, making your story more fun.
Instagram's Impact on Engagement
Instagram is a platform that allows people to interact with each other but keeps this interaction healthy for a certain period of time unless you make the necessary interventions. Therefore, your follower count may not always remain constant. As says the reason for this may be that you are not doing the page management correctly, and you are not able to establish the right communication with your followers.
There are several important ways of this communication, but one of the most important is the survey option. Thanks to the survey feature, you can open a topic with your followers in any field you want, show that they have a place in your life, and make them feel special. If a follower feels forgotten and you do not manage the page consistently, your follower count may decrease. We recommend that you give due importance to this issue.
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